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limejuicetattoo's Journal

26 March
this journal has moved to _starlust
abercrombie & fitch, alicia keys, almost famous, american eagle, autumn, badminton, beaches, birthdays, blondie, bob marley, boys who play guitar, boyz ii men, britney spears, butterflies, care bears, carole king, cat stevens, catherine zeta-jones, cheesecake, chicago, christina aguilera, christmas, classic rock, conan o'brien, dangerous angels, dean martin, dexter's laboratory, dreams, e.e cummings, ella fitzgerald, elton john, ever after, felicity, ferris bueller’s day off, finding nemo, fireflies, fleetwood mac, flowers, food, francesca lia block, frank sinatra, friends, gilmore girls, grilled cheese sandwiches, h&m, hanson, harry potter, henri de toulouse lautrec, hugs, irish accents, jake gyllenhaal, james taylor, jamie foxx, janet jackson, janis joplin, jennifer lopez, jewel, john mayer, joni mitchell, jonny lang, jude law, juicy couture, kanye west, kate hudson, lace, laughing, led zeppelin, love, making out, mariah carey, monsters inc., moulin rouge, never been kissed, new york city, no doubt, oldies, opera, philosophy, phoenixes, poetry, practical magic, prince, pulp fiction, rainbows, remember the titans, rent, rod stewart, romeo & juliet, rufus wainwright, sandra bullock, sephora, september, serendipity, sex and the city, shooting stars, signs, simon & garfunkel, singing, sleepless in seattle, slow kisses, smiling, spongebob squarepants, stevie wonder, summer, sunny days, t.s. eliot, tennis, that thing you do, the 1960s, the 1970s, the beach boys, the beatles, the colour pink, the doobie brothers, the great gatsby, the lion king, the number 9, the princess bride, the rat pack, the wedding singer, the who, third eye blind, to kill a mockingbird, todd rundgren, tom hanks, tori amos, toronto, u2, under the tuscan sun, van morrison, vintage dresses, what dreams may come, when harry met sally, writing